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Goodbye, William McKinley... Hello, New York University!

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Name:Goodbye, William McKinley High... Hello, New York
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This RP verse community transfers from [ profile] gleecollegedays @ livejournal on 7th August 2012. All RP prior to this date is archived there in full, and on this journal in text only.

Glee College Days // [community profile] gleecollegedays

It was official. The gang was back together. Well, almost. Very soon, they would be. For a whole year, there had been a Great Divide. With part of New Directions heading to college the previous year, others were left to drag themselves through another final year at William McKinley and that meant some couples had found themselves in the midst of the infamous - yet terrifying - Long Distance Relationship. Namely, Mike and Tina, and Kurt and Blaine. Whereas Sam and Mecedes decided to call it quits than make the distance work, and she went to LA to try and pursue her career, and Finn and Rachel ended things when she made NYADA and he joined the Army. The lucky ones were Puck and Quinn, who finally managed to get their acts together and hook up at the end of senior year, and Nick and Jeff who both still had a year at Dalton left anyway.

But now, after a year of making it work, albeit with struggles and pain over being separated, the new college students were finally arriving in New York to join the others in an amusing twist of fate where they all made a pact to apply to the same college - being New York University (save for Rachel, who was like a dog with a bone with NYADA). Once they did all get acceptance to their respect chosen courses, it was fun to decide to find a house to share together once the others arrived from Ohio, and they found an awesome large multi-bedroom apartment in Manhattan over the summer that Kurt promptly demanded he redecorate. Each couple had their own room, but of course, Kurt demanded the only one with an en suite bathroom for a list of reasons literally as long as his two arms put together. No one had the willpower to argue, except Puck who had Blaine point out the benefits of shower sex in a private bathroom. Still, Kurt won. It got scary and there would have been bloodshed if he didn't.

Today was now the day the others were going to grace their presence on New York from a road trip in Blaine's car, Lima to NYC. They had regular text and phone call updates and weren't too far away. Mike couldn't wait to see Tina. It had been weeks, and he missed her so damn much. It was going to be un-fucking-believable for them to finally live together and have all this time together. But he was way more chilled about it than Kurt. Kurt was a lost cause. He hadn't seen Blaine in nearly three months after Blaine's mom took him on a trip to Europe as congratulations for getting into Med School. Kurt hadn't been able to go due to a prized internship he scored at Vogue magazine after he graduated McKinley. He was set to climb the ranks and couldn't take time off to accompany his love to Europe. It meant they all got to put up with him complaining all summer about how much he missed Blaine and how much sex he wasn't having. Thank god that was now coming to an end and the gang were all about to find themselves together just like old times once again.

[community profile] gleecollegedays is a Glee college PSL verse. We are mostly canon up to the beginning of Glee Season 4, after which our ships and college-age ambitions will change for some of the characters. Our premise is that all our characters eventually ended up living in New York together, most attending New York University. They all live in a large shared apartment in the city, some are also holding down jobs as well as attending college.


DISCLAIMER: This comm is for college GLEE verse, [community profile] gleecollegedays. It is for fandom and RP purposes only, not affiliated in any way to GLEE, and no profit is being made.

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