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Who: Just Blaine
What: The wait begins
Where: ICU, Mount Sinai Medical Center
When: After THIS

Blaine was pretty sure an experience like this should cement the notion in his head that med school had been the best choice for him, but all it was doing was rapidly turning him off the idea of being a doctor altogether. Ever since his attack, he hadn't been a fan of hospitals. On top of that, he always had a phobia of blood and needles. It was something he was working to overcome, but he was yet to find a connection with the medical environment he felt at ease with. He was doing fine with the theory behind studying medicine, and the practical had been okay so far, but all of a sudden he was thrown into this awful situation that had him doubting his own strength to be a doctor.

He was sitting in a recliner chair alone in a hospital room in the Intensive Care Unit. An isolation room that was sterile and that staff only entered with masks, gloves and plastic gowns. It was connected to another room by a floor to ceiling glass wall and through that wall, Kurt was lying unconscious in a hospital bed, connected to machines and IV lines feeding a high dosage cocktail of antibiotics into his system. An hour before, they had performed a spinal tap on him, which was basically a giant needle into his spine to secrete the fluids for testing to confirm the meningitis. It was routine, though. The doctor was already sure of the diagnosis, and Kurt had been put into isolation as soon as he was rushed to hospital in the ambulance. Blaine was isolated as precaution, having had the most intimate contact with Kurt and even direct contact with his bodily fluids. He was just waiting for the nurses to come and hook him up to prophylactic IV antibiotics too. He was terrified. None of their friends were allowed in to visit, and wouldn't be until they were cleared. Once they were, there might be a chance they could visit Kurt if they had the necessary medical protection, but until then, it was just waiting.

The doctor had been frank with Blaine... )

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Who: Just Blaine but with a sleeping Kurt
What: That awful moment you realise something is seriously wrong
Where: The group apartment
When: A few hours after THIS

It was getting late now, but Blaine couldn't see himself getting sleep any time soon. Despite trying a bunch of OTC remedies to try and help Kurt feel better, was still sick an miserable. None of the painkillers were helping ease his headache, or any of the aches all over he said he had. The medication they had in their medicine cupboard for nausea and vomiting hadn't done a thing, and Blaine was pretty sure it hadn't been in Kurt long enough to really work before he was just being sick again. The Tylenol hadn't brought the fever down at all on last check, and he was just curled up against Blaine's side in a shivery, sweaty mess while he slept on restlessly. It all he said he wanted to do, was go back to sleep. Blaine had suggested going to the ER to just check him over, but Kurt didn't want to move. He told Blaine it was probably just a twenty four hour bug and if he still felt bad in the morning, he would go.

Blaine was really worrying, though. He couldn't not. It was Kurt, the love of his life, and when Kurt was hurting, Blaine worried to the max, no matter how simple the issue. This wasn't simple, though. If this was a bug, it was a bad on and Blaine would feel a lot better if he could just have Kurt checked in case. On the other hand, however, Kurt was so sick and he didn't want to move him if he didn't want to. He had been in agony with just the sound of the toilet flushing and only seemed to get a little comfort curled up in bed. Maybe he did just need to sleep it all off.

Kurt was so feverish, though, and Blaine realised he had sweated right through another t-shirt and even his pyjamas pants Blaine had helped him change into earlier were sticking to him. He couldn't stay in damp clothes like that, he would just end up getting a bad chill with the fevers. He was already shivering all over and just a few minutes before, even his teeth had been chattering with it. Blaine got up off his side of the bed and walked around to Kurt's side, leaning over him so he could speak really quietly. Lights and sounds were seriously upsetting Kurt right now, in a a way that was just like Blaine's migraines. Without the fevers and chills, Blaine could have sworn that was what was wrong with Kurt. He touched Kurt's shoulder gently, rubbing it to try and wake him. "Kurt, sweetie, we need to change your pyjamas. You're all sweaty. I'll be really quick, okay?"

Kurt didn't seem to want to rouse though... )


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Monday, 24 September 2012 01:51 pm
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Who: Mercedes Jones, Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel
What: A turn for the worst
Where: Shared apartment, NYC
When: Later in the day following THIS

Mercedes afternoon classes had been cancelled due to some bug going around the school at her campus, so rather than being a good student and going to the library to catch up on some papers, she decided to head back to the apartment instead. It was the busy day of the week where everyone's schedule's were packed full and when she got there, no one else was home. The apartment was gloriously quiet and after sending Sam a quick text to let him know she was home already, she chose to sit down at the large dining table in their open-planned kitchen and dining area with a nice cup of tea to read over some notes from her classes. At least it was revision, but she wanted to indulge a little and chill whilst she had the chance.

It was after 5.30pm and starting to get dark outside when she heard the front door open and close again up the hall. A few moments later, Blaine appeared, glancing around like he was looking for something. "What's up, babe? What have you lost?" she asked him, and noticed he was a little breathless and red-cheeked too, like he had been running or something. "Everything okay?"


Monday, 24 September 2012 02:23 am
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OMG will this day never end?! Want to be home chilling with my feet up!
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Who: Just Kurt Hummel
What: Of messy mornings and mortification
Where: Home then work then home
When: Thursday morning

There was one morning of every week where everyone had either an early class or an early start. The house exploded in a frenzy as everyone tried to rush around to get ready. The kitchen was like a production like of cereal and toast, and the bathroom had to be rationed so everyone could have a turn in there. It was also the morning that Blaine had to get up a lot earlier than Kurt because he had an early tutorial, whilst Kurt didn't need to be at the Vogue offices until nine. It was Blaine's rush to get to college that was why Kurt was ultimately running late for work now. Blaine had turned the alarm off when he got up and dashed into the shower. Kurt had fallen back to sleep without resetting the time. Normally he could get an extra hour rest and would get up once Blaine was gone, but he fell back asleep that morning and woke up at 8.35am. Whether he liked it or not, he was going to be at least half an hour late to work.

As he dragged himself up, though, he felt like he hadn't slept in a week. He was still so exhausted, even after the really early night he had the evening before. Most of the other guys had stayed up to watch Star Wars on TV, but Kurt had hit the sack early and went out like a light. It had been a busy week, he hadn't thought anything of it at the time, but now he had to be awake again, he just didn't feel any better. At all. In fact, he felt worse. He had a pounding headache that didn't seem to have any intentions of letting up despite downing a large glass of water and a couple of Tylenol before his quick shower. The rush to get ready just made him feel even worse, and the house was empty by the time he hurried out and locked the door behind him. Normally he would walk the few blocks to work, enjoying the morning air and getting a coffee and a bagel on the way. Beside the fact he didn't have the time today, as soon as he stepped out into the bright morning sunlight, it felt like hot pokers were drilling into his eyeballs. He could barely pry his eyes open when he stood on the sidewalk out the front of the apartment. He fumbled in his messenger back and pulled out his dark D&G sunglasses, shoving them onto his face to block out some of the glare. But it hardly helped.

He had already sent his manager a text message to let her know he would be late... )



Wednesday, 12 September 2012 08:28 pm
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My playwriting class is going to be the death of me... I love acting. Playwriting's not so much my forte. :(


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 10:10 pm
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That awkward moment where overcoming one's phobias is a lot harder than it seems #medschoolfail


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 01:20 am
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Holy hell, y'all can be damn noisy in this house when you wanna be! #thingstogetusedto Do Kurt and Blaine ever come up for air?

On the upside, I have the most amazing boyfriend ever ♥


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 01:19 am
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Can't believe I'm spending another Friday night stood up for Anatomy 101.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 01:13 am
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Watching Blaine eating ice cream and going cross-eyed staring blankly at his spoon. It's impossible not to laugh.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012 11:10 am
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Atlantic City was so much fun! Except for Blaine being left out and Kurt giving me the bitchpls look for trying to wake him...


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 01:06 am
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Oh my god! How hard did I hit my head?! I just walked into the living room and hallucinated Sam and Mercedes sitting there!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 01:04 am
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Okay, if ANYONE makes ANY noise and wakes him up, you will die. I don't even care if Thanksgiving is coming, it would just mean one less mouth to feed.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 01:01 am
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Waiting, waiting, waiting... does EVERYONE in Manhattan need medical attention today or something? This place is freaking packed.
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Who: [personal profile] rockstarwarbler, [personal profile] justbeingaqueen, [personal profile] nickthewarbler and [personal profile] warble_on_jeff (Tagging order)
What: One hell of an awkward moment
Where: Emergency Room, Mount Sinai
When: Following THIS
Rating: Could be swearing

Blaine had a teatowel bandaged to his head. Is this was someone else and he was witnessing it, he would probably be unable to not laugh at their predicament, but being the one sitting there in a busy ER with a teatowel strapped to his head really wasn't amusing for him. That could be put down to the fact that his head wouldn't stop thumping and that he either had a migraine or concussion because he threw up on Jeff's shoe in the back of the cab on the way to the ER and they got whacked with a hefty cleaning fee so the driver could get the shitty cab valeted. Today pretty much sucked ass... and still, Blaine couldn't quite bring himself to ask if he was in this mess because Jeff and Nick were sucking each other's asses, just to be crass about it.

He had a puke bag nurse in his lap and a melting ice pack from the triage nurse pressed to his head. The teatowel had been Nick's idea to at least staunch the bleeding so Blaine didn't keep going out cold on them every time it trickled a little. It seemed to work, but still, Blaine felt like a giant idiot. And Kurt wasn't even here yet. All he wanted was Kurt and not the Terrible Trio who caused poor unsuspecting bastards to smash their faces into doors. He offered Nick and Jeff a weak glare and then pulled the ice pack down over his eyeballs. Why the hell did he have to wait so long? Surely they were safe in the notion is brain wasn't going to seep out of the cut by now?


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 12:58 am
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That awkward moment where you arrive early to surprise everyone... and no one's home.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 12:56 am
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Finally feeling content in my life ♥
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He's okay, so don't freak out, but we had to take Blaine to the ER at Mount Sinai. He hit his head and needs some sutures.
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Who? Jeff Hinton, Nick Matheson, and Blaine Anderson
What? That awkward moment when you catch your "straight" friends doing the deed.
When? Tuesday, late morning
Where? The Hummel/Anderson/Puckerman/Fabray/Cohen-Chang/Chang/Matheson/Hinton house of awesome
Rating: Grownups only, darlings...

For all his ADHD ways, Jeff was damn good at keeping up with the one brief period of time in a week that he and Nick were both home, and no one else was. And he and Nick had exactly 54 minutes to themselves, and Jeff planned to use all 54 for the previously mentioned "good hard fuck" that Nick had wanted.

As soon as the door shut behind Quinn, Jeff got up from the couch where he'd been watching Family Guy reruns, and walked over to where Nick was sitting in one of the recliners, leaning over him and kissing him hard with a fist full of the front of his shirt. He wasn't in the mood for playing coy, and flirting, and honestly? They didn't have time for it either. Not unless they wanted the sex to be short.

"I want you. Now. No, not now... Like... yesterday," Jeff said with a smirk, tugging gently on his boyfriend's shirt. "We don't have a lot of time."

Before Nick even had time to react, Jeff was out of his t-shirt, had it wadded up in his hand, and was on his way to their bedroom.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 12:46 am
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It was supposed to be a Snuggle Day and he's working :(


Tuesday, 11 September 2012 10:42 am
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Hey... Babe, I think it's time we drop the bomb... I got a weird look from Kurt when I got up this morning... I think he heard us last night.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012 12:40 am
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I think I've got the stomach flu. Anyone want to put me out of my misery?


Tuesday, 11 September 2012 10:17 am
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That awkward moment where the tv's talking about "family game night" and I want us to have one at our place... #thingsthatarentweird
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Who: [personal profile] rockstarwarbler and [personal profile] jewhawk
What: Important Chat is Important
Where: The Communal House of Doom, NYC
When: Sunday night, day before Halloween
Rating: Never know with this pair

Blaine was sat at his desk in bedroom he shared with Kurt in their New York college home. He had medical texts piled up around him as he scribbled out some notes into his binder with one hand and shoved half a peanut butter sandwich into his mouth with the other. His reading glasses slipped down to the tip of his nose and he shoved them back up into place with his thumb before washing the mouthful of his dinner down with a mouthful of Cherry Coke. He was supposed to be getting dinner with Kurt, but Kurt had sent him a text saying he was held up and would be a bit late... they could get dessert together, and if Blaine didn't stop to eat something, hell would break loose. They had fallen right into a niche, taking care of each other the best they could with the tight schedules they both had. But Blaine didn't exactly stop studying for his dinner, he just slapped together a peanut butter sandwich and kept right on going. He had an exam the next day, following by a tutorial at night, so he had to get as much done today as he could.

He was halfway through the second portion of his sandwich when a knock came to the bedroom door. He swallowed and licked the crumbs from his lips, but wiped his mouth on the back of his hand to make sure he was good anyway. "It's open!" he called out just as his pen starting to run out and he proceeded to scribble a circle in the corner of his page to try and get it going again.
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Dude, can I talk to you about something at some point? No rush, it's not urgent. Just whenever.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012 11:57 pm
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Migraine. Oh my god, can I quit Med School already? Brain says no.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012 09:53 am
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Classes were nuts today. Going home to make dinner with my girl and eat with the roomies. Nice end to the day.
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Who: [personal profile] rockstarwarbler and [personal profile] justbeingaqueen
What: Pre and Post Coital Bliss
Where: Their new bedroom
When: The Sunday after THIS
Rating: R

After the arrival party, Kurt and Blaine had literally gone underground together, except for a few trips to the kitchen to get food or drink. They couldn't be sure what anyone else in the house was up to, and that would have to be something they cared about later. For now, they were totally wrapped up in each other, making up for lost time and celebrating their engagement the best way they knew how - with a hell of a lot of sex. They didn't bother with clothes, only throwing on a bathrobe for the trips to the kitchen and they made an extremely concerted effort of christening their new bed - and room - together. The en suite had been well and truly debauched and it was probably a miracle the springs on the bed were still in working order.

It was Blaine's turn for a quick ninja trip to the kitchen. He whacked together a couple of sandwiches and grabbed two cans of Red Bull from the fridge before skipping - literally skipping - back up the stairs and hall to their bedroom where Kurt was sprawled gloriously starkers in the middle of the bed on his stomach, giving Blaine a perfect view of his bare ass. Blaine gave his fiancé an appreciative wolf-whistle, shoving the snack on the night stand so he could straddle over Kurt's legs and press a kiss to the left cheek of his ass. "I think I found something way better to snack on right here..." he purred.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012 09:40 am
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I LOVE LIVING IN NEW YORK! It's the coolest city ever, and I get to live with my friends!

(no subject)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 09:38 am
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DNW to start classes. I wanna lay around in bed all day with my girlfriend... Our whole apartment's a fucking love shack... IDK how Jeff and Nick put up with it without getting any.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012 11:32 pm
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I don't think I have ever had this much sex in my life, and that's including Spring Break last year...
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CONVERSATION BETWEEN KURT & TINA (This Tina has now been replaced by another muse)

Kurt was the first one up that morning, which really wasn't an uncommon thing. He was always an early riser, it was Blaine who wasn't the morning person. In fact, Blaine could be downright scary if woken too prematurely from his beauty sleep. Kurt had woken in that blissful romantic bubble of amazing that was his brand spanking new fiancé spooned up behind him and Blaine's hand possessively draped near Kurt's dick, even in his sleep. Kurt wanted to stay there forever. And he did try, but the desperate need for the bathroom and Blaine's hand tantalisingly that close to his package set him on edge and he had to get up before he exploded. Blaine had a lot more to drink than he did, so he knew his lover wouldn't be surfacing to cater to Kurt again any time soon. Not after they had basically fucked the night away making up for lost time.

So, now he was sitting at the kitchen table, head propped up in his head as he dreamly gaze at the kitchen doorknob, a goofy, sappy smile on his lips. Man, he had a sore ass, but he didn't even care. He also had a neckful of hickies, and didn't even care about that either. He had Blaine back, and he had a fiancé. As far as he was concerned, despite the faint hangover he was experiencing, the world was a perfect, perfect place.



Tuesday, 11 September 2012 11:24 pm
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I just walked in on a Klaine BJ. How either of them have any jizz left is beyond me.
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Who: Everyone!
What: All under one roof
Where: The Cohen-Chang-Anderson-Hummel-Puckerman-Fabray-Matheson-Hinton Home
When: Tuesday evening
Rating: It could be anything


It was official. The gang was back together. Well, almost. Very soon, they would be. For a whole year, there had been a Great Divide. With part of New Directions heading to college the previous year, others were left to drag themselves through another final year at William McKinley and that meant some couples had found themselves in the midst of the infamous - yet terrifying - Long Distance Relationship. Namely, Mike and Tina, and Kurt and Blaine. Whereas Sam and Mecedes decided to call it quits than make the distance work, and she went to LA to try and pursue her career, and Finn and Rachel ended things when she made NYADA and he joined the Army. The lucky ones were Puck and Quinn, who finally managed to get their acts together and hook up at the end of senior year, and Nick and Jeff who both still had a year at Dalton left anyway.

But now, after a year of making it work, albeit with struggles and pain over being separated, the new college students were finally arriving in New York to join the others in an amusing twist of fate where they all made a pact to apply to the same college - being New York University (save for Rachel, who was like a dog with a bone with NYADA). Once they did all get acceptance to their respect chosen courses, it was fun to decide to find a house to share together once the others arrived from Ohio, and they found an awesome large multi-bedroom apartment in Manhattan over the summer that Kurt promptly demanded he redecorate. Each couple had their own room, but of course, Kurt demanded the only one with an en suite bathroom for a list of reasons literally as long as his two arms put together. No one had the willpower to argue, except Puck who had Blaine point out the benefits of shower sex in a private bathroom. Still, Kurt won. It got scary and there would have been bloodshed if he didn't.

Today was now the day the others were going to grace their presence on New York from a road trip in Blaine's car, Lima to NYC. They had regular text and phone call updates and weren't too far away. Mike couldn't wait to see Tina. It had been weeks, and he missed her so damn much. It was going to be un-fucking-believable for them to finally live together and have all this time together. But he was way more chilled about it than Kurt. Kurt was a lost cause. He hadn't seen Blaine in nearly three months after Blaine's mom took him on a trip to Europe as congratulations for getting into Med School. Kurt hadn't been able to go due to a prized internship he scored at Vogue magazine after he graduated McKinley. He was set to climb the ranks and couldn't take time off to accompany his love to Europe. It meant they all got to put up with him complaining all summer about how much he missed Blaine and how much sex he wasn't having. Thank god that was now coming to an end and the gang were all about to find themselves together just like old times once again.

"Kurt, will you sit down, dude? You're giving me a fucking headache," Mike laughed from where he was sprawled on the sofa with a beer. They were going to have a party when the others got there, but Mike was about ready to bound and gag Kurt... not that it would be the first time drastic measures had been taken with Queen Fabulous.
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[community profile] gleecollegedays is a Glee college PSL verse. We are mostly canon up to the beginning of Glee Season 4, after which our ships and college-age ambitions will change for some of the characters. Our premise is that all our characters eventually ended up living in New York together, most attending New York University. They all live in a large shared apartment in the city, some are also holding down jobs as well as attending college. All information on our characters and ships can be found in the comments of this post.



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